How To Get Started?

At what stage one should approach an Interior Designer?

The appointment of an Interior Designer must be as early as possible for the purpose of integrated conceptualization of Interior and Architecture. This will also minimize the need of amendments at a later stage reducing cost implications.

How do we start, should a professional be visiting our site first?

A site visit is always helpful in the visualization of the available space and gives an insight into various design possibilities that will gel with the overall layout. Dimensions of respective units as detailed by client helps in creating a budgetary framework which helps in faster decision making and results in optimization of time.

How do we explain our requirements and taste to an Interior Designer?

Earliest synchronisation of client’s ideas and our concept is the key to a successful project. We encourage your inputs, design ideas and aspiration through a well framed questionnaire. One should be clear in the overall approach while filing the questionnaire as the same will have direct impact on projects budget.

How the project implementation takes place?

To start with, a rough cut cost sheet is prepared as per requirements listed post joint site visit with company official. Financials thus arrived at are discussed with the client. Once the clients give a go-ahead along with token, as a first step a detail design presentation comprising of various designs for respective units is presented. Client is required to select the ones that appeal to him / her. Second step involves adapting and detailing the selected design/s as per space available. Selection of Laminates (micas) for respective units details the third step for the process. After the finalization of design- concepts, specification & working details, final designs are handed over to the site supervisors for execution.

Usually what kind of time it takes to complete a job?

The time factor in a project is dependent on many factors that build up a project such as project size, labour, material, design complexity, client responsiveness etc. With our rich experience we are in a position to suggest an appropriate sequence of events in order to optimize time and other resources.